Severe Dysmenorrhea

Female, at her 50s. Started to have dysmenorrhea about seven years ago. The situation got worse and worse. Lots of blood clog were visible in her menstruation. Took some herbs and cleared the blood clogs, but the dysmenorrhea didn't disappear. She had to lie on the bed for 2~3 days every time during her menses, exhausted. She would lose 3~5 pounds during that few days.

Early in 2016, she started to take our herbs for one week. Since then, she never felt any discomfort during her menses and began the transition to menopause stage smoothly.


Female, a high school student. Suffered from asthma since she was 2. She had to sniff in enzyme every day to prevent her asthma. Otherwise, she would have immediate breathing difficulty. Her parents took her to many hospitals but didn't get the situation any better. When her mom came to me, her first question was whether her daughter could ever get rid of enzyme and other medicine. I told her that as soon as her daughter started to take herbs, she didn't have to take them unless she has the symptoms of breathing difficulty. 

She had to sniff in enzyme only once since she started herbs with us. Two days into TCM herbs, her body condition was amazingly improved.

Like any other stories with us, the herbs didn't target at her asthma at all. It just warmed up her internal coldness. Although her asthma symptoms stopped quickly, she still had to continue her herbs for a while to strengthen her internal defense system.

Severe Headache

Female, at her 40s. A severe headache, mostly on the forehead. 20 seconds after being applied with Instant Pain Relief method, she said, "my headache is gone."

Sweat and quick, isn't it?

Acid Flux

Male, at his 30s. Feeling acid flux at his throat for many years. 40 seconds after being applied with Instant Pain Relief method, his acid flux was gone, only a little bit tight feeling left.

High Blood Pressure

Female, at her 70s. High blood pressure diagnosed by his doctors, had to take blood pressure medicine for many years. Since the first day of taking the herbs, she no longer needed the medicine and her blood pressure was well controlled in a normal range. What we need to point out is the herbs did not target at her blood pressure at all but only to get her internal balance back.

Dizzy and Stomach Disorder

Female, at her 40s. She had had dizziness frustration since she could remember. According to her, this problem runs in her family. Whenever she worked hard and didn't have a good night sleep for a few days, she started to have stomach discomfort in the beginning, and then quickly it developed to nauseous, vomiting and feeling severe dizzy. From the start to the dizziness, it only took about 5~10 minutes. When the dizziness came, everything in her world started spinning like crazy. She said, "it made me think of death".

Because the symptoms were not present at her visit, we let her take herbs home and use it under instruction when symptoms appeared the next time:

  1. Keep calm, sit or lie down if possible,  and press certain spots as soon as she started to have stomach disorder; The stomach disorder and any dizziness would disappear in a few minutes;
  2. Take herbs as instructed.

A couple of months later, she started to feel the symptoms again. Before the situation got worse, she quickly followed the steps. Since then, she never actually suffered from this problem again.

Dizziness is one of the most common symptoms, especially among elder people. However, the cause for it can be dozens. The key to quickly stop the dizziness is to correctly detect the cause in TCM ways, which is the balance in self-defense system.

Intestinal Compartment & Diarrhea

Male, in his 60s. nine years ago, he took medicine to treat his flu problem, which he regretted for next nine years. "I should have never done that..." He told me. Since then, he started to have bowel problems. On average, he had diarrhea four times a day. Anywhere he went, the first thing he checked was to make sure to stay close to a bathroom. Any spicy food would get him trouble and possibly cause an accident because he wouldn't have enough time to run to the bathroom. For nine years, he went through numerous medical treatments and was diagnosed with more and more health problems.

Many people would think that he had food allergy from spicy food. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) has a different view on this. We believe that different taste will have impacts on different organ system accordingly. For example, spicy taste goes against the lung system but promotes the liver system. From another aspect, internal organs interact with each other. For example, lung system goes along with the large intestine system. That is why this client could see bowel movement trouble immediately when he took spicy food.

His wife took him to me. She is a Chinese. After taking herbs for a few weeks, his problems were entirely gone.

Sciatica & Back Pain

Male, at his 40s, a farmer. Suffered from back pain for over three years. He was diagnosed with sciatica by a local hospital. After three days of herbs, his back pain disappeared. We need to make it clear that herbs were not fixing his sciatica but to balance his internal system. As a matter of fact, among our clients diagnosed with sciatica,  we rarely found that they suffered from any nerve or bone damage at all.

Over Sweating & Fatigue

Female, at her 30s. Oversweating all the time, day and night. Had to change cloth a few times a day. Exhausted but gained weight quickly. One week of herbs, sweating was mostly controlled. No need to change cloth more than once a day. Slight weight decline and better energy. After two weeks of herbs, sweating was completely normal. The energy was recovered.