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Response to Covid-19:

We have stopped in-office visit and changed it to online service. If you need our help, please fill out the form, we will come back to you shortly.

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Come to us:

 If you have any discomfort symptoms, eg. a migraine, coughing, sleep disorder, back pain, chest congestion, constipation, dysmenorrhea, etc;
 If you are suffering from physical disorders;

 If you are feeling hopeless about remedying your health problems;
 If you are interested in an oriental natural method to improve your health


Complementary Alternative Medicine - Traditional Chinese
Healthy Healing - Traditional Chinese Medicine
Introduction to Acupuncture
Introduction to Chinese Medicine Acupuncture


Your first visit to us

When you decide to visit us, you may wonder how it would be different from your visits to a doctor in modern medicine. We require an intensive cooperation between you and us. The information below will help you prepare for your next visit.


In order to help you out, we need an in-office visit. You can Schdule an Appointment online. This is a very easy and quick process. You will be reminded automatically prior to your visit.


For a first-time visitor, it is required that you fill out the Initial visit form. The information you provide is critical for us to understand your health. 

During your visit:

Each time of your visit, we will go over your symptoms and their changes. We care about your feelings. 

 Sleeping pattern
 Bowel movement pattern
 Urine color & frequency
 Hand and feet temperature (warm, cold, frozen, burning hot)
 Sweating pattern (night sweat, sweating suddenly, sweating too much, no sweat at all, yellow sweat)
 Appetite (obsessive eater, no appetite, discomfort before or after meal)
 Thirst level and preferred temperature to drink
 Color of mucus if any
 Your energy (fatigue, what time is the worst)
 Your emotion (depressed, fractious, sad, fidgety)
 Pattern of a cough if any

Prepare for your visit

 Not to brush your tongue at least two days prior to your visit. Many people have a habit to brush tongue to prevent bad breath smell. However, the coat on your tongue provides us critical information about your health.
 Not to wear any makeup, including lipstick, during your visit. The color and brightness on your face will help us understand your health. You can put back your makeups in our bathroom after the checkup.


Your private information will NOT be shared with any third party for any business purposes.

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