Training on Instant Pain Relief (IPR)

We just decided to open this technique to the public through training sessions.

We've seen numerous miracles resulted from IPR. Now you can take it home and benefit the entire family forever, not only make health better but save your trip to doctors.

Although it has "Pain" in the name, it can be applied to many symptoms. IPR is the process of detect "coldness" on your body based on your symptoms. For example, if you have a back pain, one common cause is that "coldness" has settled somewhere on your back. If we can detect the coldness, your pain will disappear immediately or be reduced significantly. This process takes a few minutes.

"Coldness" can not only cause pain but also muscle weakness, soreness, itchiness, and many many issues.

Our evaluation

Our evaluation process starts with a list of questions about your health symptoms and feelings. The diagnosis from your doctor is only used in our internal research, but not playing a role in our evaluations. Your symptoms will tell us the healthy level of your internal defense system. It is our belief that if your internal defense system is strong, it will fight against any diseases you are suffering from. This is the essence of Natual Healing.

One key difference between drugs and natural healing is that drugs target at killing diseases, while natural healing targets at improving your health. Killing disease is often at the cost of sacrificing your health. 


Herbs are used to strengthen your internal defense system to improve your health. They are all natural and GMP complied. Different herbs will help different aspect of your internal defense system. After the evaluation, we will suggest herbs combination when we see it is necessary.

Drugs are chemical. They can stay in the body for years. Herbs belong to food category but with a stronger taste in nature which helps correct the problem of your internal defense system. For example, ginger is a very important herb. When you feel cold, a cup of ginger tea will warm you up immediately. Like food, herbs will move out of the body in about 24 hours.

Thread Moxibustion

Thread moxibustion is to apply preprocessed thread with herb formula to problem area on the skin, for example, shingles. Shingles cause extreme pain to people. Thread moxibustion can relieve the pain immediately.

Thread moxibustion can be used for other skin problems like moles, acnes, lipoma, etc.