About "Jia"

First, "Jia" is part of my daughter's Chinese name. She is the inspiration of me settling down into TCM. I named the business after her. She likes it! Will she continue the family practice in TCM when she grows up? I don't know. She will discover her journey in life. All I can do is to love her and wish her the best.

"Jia" also has many great meanings in Chinese culture. About 130 characters sound as "Jia". Let us share a few as below:

:home, family, expertise.

:good, pretty, nice, festival, excellent.

:prise, fine, distinguished, honored, good, joy, happy.

:add, increase, improve, join.

:first, better than, best, number one.

:crops, grain, cereals.

:marry, daughter-in-law, bride, wife.