Female, a high school student. Suffered from asthma since she was 2. She had to sniff in enzyme every day to prevent her asthma. Otherwise, she would have immediate breathing difficulty. Her parents took her to many hospitals but didn't get the situation any better. When her mom came to me, her first question was whether her daughter could ever get rid of enzyme and other medicine. I told her that as soon as her daughter started to take herbs, she didn't have to take them unless she has the symptoms of breathing difficulty. 

She had to sniff in enzyme only once since she started herbs with us. Two days into TCM herbs, her body condition was amazingly improved.

Like any other stories with us, the herbs didn't target at her asthma at all. It just warmed up her internal coldness. Although her asthma symptoms stopped quickly, she still had to continue her herbs for a while to strengthen her internal defense system.