Dizzy and Stomach Disorder

Female, at her 40s. She had had dizziness frustration since she could remember. According to her, this problem runs in her family. Whenever she worked hard and didn't have a good night sleep for a few days, she started to have stomach discomfort in the beginning, and then quickly it developed to nauseous, vomiting and feeling severe dizzy. From the start to the dizziness, it only took about 5~10 minutes. When the dizziness came, everything in her world started spinning like crazy. She said, "it made me think of death".

Because the symptoms were not present at her visit, we let her take herbs home and use it under instruction when symptoms appeared the next time:

  1. Keep calm, sit or lie down if possible,  and press certain spots as soon as she started to have stomach disorder; The stomach disorder and any dizziness would disappear in a few minutes;
  2. Take herbs as instructed.

A couple of months later, she started to feel the symptoms again. Before the situation got worse, she quickly followed the steps. Since then, she never actually suffered from this problem again.

Dizziness is one of the most common symptoms, especially among elder people. However, the cause for it can be dozens. The key to quickly stop the dizziness is to correctly detect the cause in TCM ways, which is the balance in self-defense system.