Intestinal Compartment & Diarrhea

Male, in his 60s. nine years ago, he took medicine to treat his flu problem, which he regretted for next nine years. "I should have never done that..." He told me. Since then, he started to have bowel problems. On average, he had diarrhea four times a day. Anywhere he went, the first thing he checked was to make sure to stay close to a bathroom. Any spicy food would get him trouble and possibly cause an accident because he wouldn't have enough time to run to the bathroom. For nine years, he went through numerous medical treatments and was diagnosed with more and more health problems.

Many people would think that he had food allergy from spicy food. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) has a different view on this. We believe that different taste will have impacts on different organ system accordingly. For example, spicy taste goes against the lung system but promotes the liver system. From another aspect, internal organs interact with each other. For example, lung system goes along with the large intestine system. That is why this client could see bowel movement trouble immediately when he took spicy food.

His wife took him to me. She is a Chinese. After taking herbs for a few weeks, his problems were entirely gone.