Consultation & Lecture: Self Instant Pain Relief

What can Instant Pain Relief do?

Instant Pain Relief (IPR) can be described as:

  • Your symptoms can disappear or significantly reduced in seconds to minutes;
  • The method is so easy that everyone can learn and exercise at home, and help family;
  • The method is safe for everyone;
  • IPR can be applied to almost any discomfort symptoms from head to toe, including pains, aches, itchiness, soreness, congestion, running nose, sore throat, aches, acne, dry/watering eyes, urination issues, bowel movement problems, etc.

Will I be able to learn all skills during SELF Instant Pain Relief so I can do it at home?

Yes! There will be a handout as a reference, but you also need to take notes during the session. You are encouraged to bring in specific health-related questions to the session.

Can IPR cure diseases?

Not directly.

For example, if someone is diagnosed with brain tumor and has a severe headache all the time. Doctors may have told you that the pain is due to the brain tumor. Now after you applied IPR, the pain is gone, so IPR works! But the tumor is still here. IPR didn't kill the tumor.

IPR is not targeted at killing diseases but improving your immune system.

However, when your immune system is getting stronger and stronger, your body will fight against, and most likely, defeat diseases. Taking herbs from our office will make this process even more efficiently.

Why is the session limited to 10 attendants?

We want to give each attendant enough attention so everyone can learn effectively.

What if I forget what I have learned here or I have questions afterward?

Everyone forgets things now and then. That is why taking good notes is critical. There are a few methods to help you after the session:

  1. If you schedule individual health evaluation appointment, we can cover your Self IPR questions for free.
  2. You can attend another Self IPR session.

Can I bring a family member, kids or a friend to attend?

Coming with an accompany absolutely helps a lot in the learning process. Please keep in mind that every attendant needs to pay the session fee and they are not associated with pain management professions.

Kids under 10 are not recommended because it is hard to keep them quite and may impact others.

Who can attend?

Theratically everybody, but we give the preference to people who don't have an easy and economic access to pain relief methods. If you or your family members are in Pain Management profession, you already have a low cost and easy solution to help your health.