Shirley Zhu

Among all teachers I owe my thanks to on my journey to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Dr. Haisha-Ni was the one who brought me to the new era. Like in other traditional heritage fields,  it is far more critical who your teacher is than what school you attended. Dr. Haisha-Ni was no double the best in the world. He was the acknowledged authority in TCM. I pursued my advanced TCM training from him in 2009. People outside of TCM may not know how lucky and admirable I was as one of his students and had numerous opportunities to observe how he treated clients!

After he had passed away (shockingly), I continued his mission in educating TCM practitioners worldwide and helping people regain their health.

Family Root

Over 100 years ago, my great-grandfather founded a small TCM hospital, a pharmacy and an elementary school. Health and Education were two most critical elements in the family.  He and his sons were referred as "doctors with miracles." One of them lived very long. I often visited him in my childhood and listened to his "miracle" stories. The business survived the war, but not the national culture revolution in the early 1970's. 

In 1980's, my mother was diagnosed with lymph cancer. After numerous treatments in a few big hospitals, her health went down quickly. Finally, she was told to have three months to look ahead in her life. At this point, she decided to go back to family belief: Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Chinese medicine has always been popular, but not Traditional one. There is a big difference between Traditional Chinese Medicine and regular Chinese Medicine (also called Modern Chinese Medicine): Traditional one is way much more effective and 100% natural healing process. It disappeared from people's knowledge until my teacher, Dr. Haisha Ni, started TCM education. People were stunned with what the TCM could do. Only a small crowd of people now has mastered that skills.

My mother threw away all pills. She lived for another 30 years. Numerous people diagnosed with cancers got their life back by following my mom's practice.

When I was 17, my mother did everything she could trying to get me to TCM education. As a matter of fact, I was admitted to a Chinese Medicine school. But I eventually moved onto my career in science and business. If not for my daughter, I probably would never have changed my career back to TCM.

When my daughter was 2, she had seizure twice. We went through all necessary check-ups in the hospital, no issue found. Her doctors told me that they didn't know the cause and that all they had was historical statistics that most likely my daughter's seizure would go away when she was older. This was very shocking to me! My daughter's health would be determined by the statistics. If doctors don't know the cause, how much can I trust their solution and drugs? One day I read an article. It talked about the same symptoms my daughter had and explained the cause in TCM terms. That was it!!

All these years, although my focus had been on computer and business, I never drifted away from TCM. My mom constantly gave me updates of her experiences, and I read many books in this area and visited respected TCM practitioners when I had time. It was a fun addition to my busy career. My TCM knowledge actually helped me win significant trust from clients. One interesting story was: I heard that one client's mother had severe health issues. I asked whether I could pay her a visit and just talk with her. The conversation sounded perfectly normal to anyone who was present, but its purpose was driven by TCM theories. In about 30 minutes, her mother said her feet were very warm that she hadn't felt that way for years. Of cause, I signed a big contract with the client afterward.

Now it was the time: shift my career back to TCM. My mom was very excited.  She told me that the family heritage ran in my blood. I think she was right.

My daughter never had another seizure since.

My Chinese Medicine Journey

Things often go like a miracle in life. When you seriously decide to do something, opportunities will come to you right away. I got to know Dr. Hai-sha Ni in 2008 and quickly became his student at Hantang TCM Insitute to pursue my advanced TCM training.

Dr. Ni was widely referred as "THE best doctor" in the world. The title seems very exaggerate, but he deserved it. Desperate people visited him from all countries. Dr. Ni was their last hope. I observed those unbelievable things happening every day. I suddenly realized that those stories my grandfather told me were not "imaginary" but all for real! A couple of years later, I used acupuncture to help my aunts and uncles when I visited back in China. I wished my grandfathers would be proud of me in heaven.

Jia Eastern Healing Center

After years of helping TCM practitioners worldwide advance their skills through Jiahui Chinese Medicine Research Center that I founded after Dr. Ni passed away, I started Jia Eastern Healing Center to help local clients improve their health through strengthening their immune system. To many people, it is still a difficult concept to understand that how improving immune system can help them defeat diseases.

Most of my clients are new to Traditional Chinese Medicine. If you are interested in learning or discussing Traditional Chinese Medicine, you are welcome to visit www.JH816.com, JiaHui Chinese Medicine Research Center, which has profound content in TCM. I wrote many educational articles (in Chinese) on the web to help you get to know TCM. You can expect more educational articles in English to be published.

At Jia Eastern Healing Center, we will leverage our expertise and experiences to help you improve your health. Intensive corporation and trust between us are required. Please refer to FAQ to learn more about how we can help you.

My Expertise in TCM

  • Family heritage in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM);
  • Advanced training in at Hantang TCM Institute from Dr. Hai-sha Ni, the most respected authority in TCM.
  • In eastern healing since 2009;
  • Founder of JiaHui Chinese Medicine Research Center

Training in Natural Healing Includes:

  • Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine (core of TCM)
  • Acupuncture
  • Moxibustion
  • Instant Pain Relief
  • Qigong